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Call for Papers

We call for technical papers on all aspects of computer vision addressing issues relating to the pre-production, production and post-production of 3D movies. This includes the  following topics:

  • Binocular, Trinocular and Multi-View Stereo
  • Motion and Performance Capture
  • New cameras for 3D Cinematography
  • Storytelling with 3D Cinematography
  • Automatic Camera Control for 3D Cinematography
  • 3D Post-production and  Editing
  • 3Dimensionalization of 2D Movies
  • Aesthetics of 3D Movies
  • Human Perception of 3D Movies
  • Video Holography

Please send your submissions via the 3DCINE 2012 submission site.

Submissions to the 3DCINE workshop are non anonymous, and should use the same format as regular CVPR submissions, including line numberings, and not exceeding 8 pages.
The deadline for paper submissions is April 10, 2012 at midnight, US Eastern Time.
New : Deadline has been extended to April 13, 2012, midnight, US Eastern Time.